Greek singer Betty Harlafti presents the first single of her ethnic "Aegean Sea Trilogy", titled “Ι 'm walking with the moon” (Me to Feggari Perpato). Α beautiful island folk song from the Aegean Sea tradition is transformed into a contemporary electro World Music sound. Ηer enchanting airy voice floats over the electro-aesthetics combined with the Aegean Sea aura, creating a unique Mediterranean sensation.   

Betty Harlafti is one of the most important singers of the younger generation in her country. She has been selected by the renowned Greek composer, 96-year-old Mikis Theodorakis, to perform his works in venues all over the world.  She is one of the few artists of her country whose personal discography includes an album recorded with a national symphony orchestra. As a classically trained mezzo soprano carrying traditions from her Asia Minor origins, performing a diverse repertoire, she is an artist who constantly crosses musical borders and never ceases to surprise her audience. 

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